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On Knitting

I may have mentioned this before, but I’m an avid knitter. And by avid I mean I knit a whole lot around Christmas because I’ve waited too long to start making presents. I’ve gotten exactly 1.25 presents done for Christmas, so I should really be knitting instead of blogging. Oh well, lesson not learned.

I learned to knit when I was in high school. I have no idea why I decided to pick up knitting, but no one I knew could teach me so I did what any book lover did. I went to the library. With tapes, books, YouTube videos, and knitting websites, I learned how to knit and purl my way to toasty warm scarves and hats. It was pretty frustrating at times, and my first projects were horrendous to say the least, but I stuck with it because I love creating things with my hands.

My first and worst project was for my mom. My plan was to make her a scarf using everyone’s most hated yarn, Lion Brand Homespun. I didn’t know. God, I didn’t know. Not only did I choose what is absolutely the world’s worst and most unpredictable yarn, I also made some seriously heinous beginner mistakes. You know that false stitch you get at the beginning of the row? I would knit that false stitch every. Single. Time. So when I pulled my mom’s scratchy, uneven scarf off my cheapo bamboo needles, it was about 16 stitches at the beginning and about 60 on the other end. I was horrified then, now it’s just hilarious. I’m also pretty sure I didn’t even use the right sized needle. I don’t know where that scarf went. I hope it’s in hell.

So let me talk a little about my latest project. I am making my future sister in laws and myself a trio of seed stitched infinity scarves. I think they are beautiful and warm for the cold Cincinnati days. Here’s a picture, featuring half of my lovely butt-chinned visage:



This is the GAP-tastic Cowl pattern from Ravelry (it’s free!). I used Lion Brand Thick ‘n Quick in Cornflower Blue on size 13 29” circulars. For the cast on, I marked every 10th stitch to help me count all 131 beginning stitches because there was no way I was going to count them all over and over.

For the other two infinity scarves, I’m using Lion Brand Thick ‘n Quick in Caranet and I’m going to pick a nice purple for mine, but that won’t come until after Christmas.


I also plan to make everyone some cabled Starbucks cup coozies as kind of a stocking stuffer. I can’t wait to see how they turn out!
Now here’s as close to Cheeto as you can get without your eyes getting wet.


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