Holiday Festivities

Okay, I haven’t written you anything new in a while. I know, and I am sorry. The holidays were good and busy, work has been extremely busy, I’ve started taking on a lot of freelancing work, and I’ve been taking care of me. I think that’s pretty important. Also, I think the only person who reads this is my fiance. Love you!

So let’s talk about Christmas. As you all know, for about a month I was extremely busy finishing up my presents. I’m happy to say that I finished them all with plenty of time, they looked great, and everyone loved them. You’ve already seen the completed infinity scarves, so here’s a good shot of the finished coffee cup cozies!


Tada! I also went and got some reusable coffee cups from Starbucks, mainly to show how the cozies work, but also to put gift cards in. Each cup has some candy and a few gift cards. I think they turned out really well and I might need to make myself one if Tetra doesn’t quit stealing my yarn and leaving yarny Tetra trails all over the place. I should be mad at him but it’s cute and makes me laugh.

In the meantime, my fiance and I have started the home buying process on our first house. I really have no idea what to expect and it’s making me nervous, but I’m excited! I’ve been planning all the home decor I want to knit us. We’re going to need blankets and dishcloths and pillows and all sorts of things. It’s going to be a good year for knitting.

Although all of this exciting stuff is happening, I’m really trying to buckle down and work on myself for a while. I don’t want to call it a New Years resolution because then it will probably be doomed to fail, but there are a lot of things that I need to work on this year. And I’ve been working hard and seeing some progress. My next blog post is going to be more about that, including a book review.

And now, Cheeto during snuggly TV time:


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