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It’s Raining Books!

Since I had some sort of pressing things to get off my chest in the last few blogs, I wasn’t able to review some of the other things I’ve been reading, so I’m going to make this a mega review blog! WOOOOOOOOO here we go.


My second book this year (after The Power of Now) was The Man in the High Castle. I’ve been meaning to read this book for ages and now that Amazon has a series going for it, there was no better time than this month. I’ve read some of Dick’s other works so I know how he can be, but I wasn’t prepared for the mind fuck that was this book. It took a lot of going back and rereading to finally figure out there there is more than one time line to this story. I know, I feel like an idiot. This book also wasn’t really what I was expecting, which is great news. I was expecting a true alternative history where we see all the events that led to the Axis powers winning the war, then building their new society. What you get is more after the fact and really isn’t much of a history. I feel like Dick just uses this alternative version America has a home for his story. The story isn’t the home, it lives there. Know what I mean?


I then moved on to The Martian, which is another book I’ve been meaning to read for ages. I’ve read a lot of mixed reviews about this one and I have to say the negative reviews are completely unfounded. This book was impossible for me to put down. Although it got a little tiring to know that once something started going well for him, something was then going to go terribly wrong, I loved the attention to detail in this book. The writer is a fan of spacey science, so he is able to write a main character that really knows his stuff. I was also worried that he would spend all of the plot on Mars, which would have bored me to tears, but he does a great job of showing us how Earth is reacting to Mark’s dilemma. I definitely recommend this one.

I read a few others but I wasn’t really a fan of them and I honestly don’t have much of a review to give. One was Siddhartha, of which there are literally thousands of reviews online. I liked it okay, but the version I read was translated badly and I just didn’t enjoy reading it. The other was True Love by my nigga Nich Naht Hahn. I loved it and I think I got a lot out of it but I don’t think my review will make for good blog reading.

Right now I’m working my way through Station Eleven and Bernie Sander’s book. I’ll let you know how they are!

And now, here’s Chief because I love him and never post pictures of him. He and Cheeto are touchin’ butts.



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