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Station Eleven

Hello friends! I’ve finished another book which means it’s time for another book review. I’ve been pretty busy reading and working out, so I think this blog is a little over due but if I don’t have a book to review then I don’t know what to blog about sometimes.

On the topic of working out, I’ve been doing a lot of exercising lately. Not because I think I’m fat, but because I want to tone up this year. I’ve been using Fitness Blender videos, running, and working on deep stretches on my rest days. Fitness Blender is amazing and VERY hard. I can do like half the work out before I have to call it quits, but I think I’ll get there eventually.

Ok, onto the review.


I really enjoyed this book. When you read the synopsis, it kind of seems like this book is a typical post-apocalyptic survival novel, but it really takes a different turn. First, you really don’t see a whole lot about society’s collapse during the illness. The focus of the plot is on life immediately before and a decade or so after the fall. I also think it’s interesting that she focuses on a traveling symphony that performs Shakespeare. I think the whole point of this novel is that even if society suffers a huge blow like a major plague that takes out most of the population, not only will our culture still survive in some form, we will eventually rebuild. It’s just human nature. I loved the unique angle from which she explores these themes.

My only problem was with the structure of the novel. She bounces back and forth a lot, which isn’t the problem. The issue is how she flashes back and forth. It feels really scattered and random, which makes the book hard to follow sometimes. I remember a few times thinking, how did I get here? Why am I reading about this? The structure just doesn’t work for her sometimes. I understand that George R. R. Martin does the same thing, but his perspective changes make a lot of sense, where as Mandel just feels like a maniac scattering dust through the whole work.

Overall really good, albeit extremely perplexing sometimes. I guess they are making a movie… I’d go see it.

Here’s Cheeto in his old favorite box

2014-10-03 12.32.55


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