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Almost a month later…

Uhhh, hey. Sorry. It’s been like, a real long time since I wrote anything. It’s not even that I’ve been really busy, it’s just I haven’t sat down to write anything. I’ve been meaning to, but I didn’t. Also, I didn’t have anything to write about BECAUSE…

I just finished Dune. It was this week sometime, I think it was yesterday. It took me like a solid month to finish this book you guys. That usually happens with me and longer books, not because I get bored but because I feel like I’m just stuck in one universe and I need to take a little vacay sometimes. Game of Thrones took me an eternity to read for the same reason… I just couldn’t be in the sad and depressing world of No One Makes it Out of Any Wedding Alive all the time, you know?

Anyway, let’s talk about it. Dune is hands down one of the best scifi novels I have ever read, and scifi is my favorite genre. It was absolutely incredible. There wasn’t a boring second of the book. And the best part is that there are still a few more for me to read, which I will absolutely be doing this year, with some books in between. If you haven’t read Dune what the fuck are you waiting for?

My next book up is An Arsonist’s Guide to Writers Homes in New England by Brock Clarke. I was in the library and I caught a glimpse of this book, remembering the title from somewhere. Maybe Goodreads? Not sure. At any rate, I picked it up and started reading it yesterday. Then, I made the HORRIBLE mistake of looking up reviews on Goodreads. I didn’t catch any spoilers, but whew are the ratings bad. I decided to give it a shot so you can look forward to (I guess?) my review soon.

So besides reading Dune, what else have I been up to? Quite a lot, actually, so I don’t know why I haven’t posted anything. I’ve been cooking a lot. I mean a lot you guys. Some of them have been interesting Pinterest recipes, which have had mixed results. Mostly I just look at the picture and make up my own recipe or modify them so much you’d never be able to recognize them, but that isn’t the point anyway. I love cooking and I find it incredibly relaxing and a great outlet for my creativity, so I cook. And my fiance eats. It’s a great thing we’ve got going. I’ll try to start taking pictures so I have something to show you, my small handful of readers.

Today I made a Pinterest recipe pretty much to the T, and while my fiance liked it I thought it was pretty mediocre. Here’s the recipe. I made some oven roasted green beans to go with it and when I reduced the juices into a gravy I added a little more beef broth because even after cooking on high for 6 fucking hours it still had an incredibly vinegary bite to it. Not that there’s anything wrong with that I guess, I just wasn’t feeling it. In the end it came out pretty moist and not bad, but my original roast recipe pretty much shits all over that one so next time I’m feeling a roast it’s not going to be this vinegary shit.

What else? I found a fantastic hot yoga studio by our house and I’ve been going on Thursdays. I know I’ve mentioned to great length how much I benefit from meditation, and yoga is just as beneficial for me. It’s incredibly relaxing and hot yoga is one of my favorite ways to get in a good workout. I love being able to take time for myself and the yoga studio is a perfect place away from my phone and work and everything else where I can just focus on me for a little while. In addition to weekly hot yoga, I’ve been working out 2 other days a week and doing lots of home yoga practice. I’m really trying to work out some mental knots that formed at the beginning of the year and continue to ease my anxiety, and I think I am on the right track.

Also, knitting. I finally finished MY infinity scarf, which is the same as the other two I made but purple. Now myself and my future sister in laws match, just in time for spring. Oh well, at least I got to wear it once. Now I’m working on a pair of socks for my fiance and it’s taking a while. I joined a knitting group hosted by a friend of mine and I basically just knit then because this pattern is all stockinette stitch right now and I’m fucking over it for  5 more inches. Here it is in all it’s fractionally finished glory:


Everything I make him is the same color.

Anyway, that’s pretty much the update. We had a great family gathering for Easter. Everyone came over, I made homemade banana pudding which, let’s just be frank, was fucking bomb, and meringue cookies with the leftover egg whites. We played Drawful on Jackbox.tv and Drawful is a great way to describe everything I drew. Which I guess is kind of the point. It was pretty hilarious.

And in conclusion, here is a picture I took of Cheeto in my chair immediately before I sat down to write this blog. Yep, he’s still there.



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