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Camp NaNoWriMo Week 1 Check In

Hello friends! Last Friday I told you I was working on a special project during Camp NaNo this year. I want to spend a little time each week writing a quick update  on my progress.

Current Word Count: 10048 

On target? Yes! I haven’t written anything today, but as of yesterday I am on target! 


Challenges: I have been a little under the weather during the last half of this week. We went to a baseball game on Wednesday and it was rainy and cold so I’m in recovery from that. Sore throat, body aches, head ache, you know the drill. I almost didn’t meet my word goal yesterday because I felt really awful but after laying on the couch for a while and eating some dinner I had just enough strength left to squeak out another 500 words or so. Tomorrow will also be a challenge because I have an absolutely full day of being out of the house with volunteering, hanging out with a friend for yoga, and then a birthday dinner. I’m hoping to get a little down time at night to get my writing done, but I might have to catch up on Sunday. 

Victories: You guys, for someone who did not think they had it in them to write a book it is going surprisingly well. I am not having any trouble with writers block and I like where my story is going, even though I think my pacing might be a bit slow. All in all, it’s coming together really nicely and any concerns I have can be fixed in the revision phase.

Thanks for reading! Here’s a cat:

Spring means open windows!

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