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Meet My Kitties: Cheeto

Cheeto. Oh little Cheeto. This fat black and white fucker has the key to my heart. He’s been with me through so much and has never left my side. There were months when he was my only reason to get out of bed in the morning. This is his story.

IMG_20161218_221800When I was younger, I volunteered for a local rescue group. I took black cats because they were harder to adopt. In fact, the most euthanized cats and dogs are black. They just have a harder time finding a home, so I loved them the most. I also took in momma cats and their babies. I had just adopted out the last kitten in a litter I’d been fostering when one of the ladies at the rescue told me our vet had a little black and white kitten. Now that I had no fosters, maybe I could take that one? He lived at the vet in a small cage. Their goal was to have him adopted by one of their clients, so they kept him in a little kennel by the front desk. I went after work one day and thought he was adorable, so I took him home to foster.

He was a sweet and playful little kitten, so I knew he would get adopted in no time. However, whenever I would try to take him to adoption events the little shit absolutely refused to get into the carrier so we could get going. After the 8th try, I had fallen in love with him. He is my first and only failed foster. I don’t think anyone could love him as much as I do.

IMG_20170311_214541He can be a real fucker, though. He gets really annoying if he’s hungry or wants to play with his beloved stick toy. He will poke you right in the face with his little paw. He will yowl in the hallway until you fill his bowl. He’ll weave his fat little body between your feet if you’re not giving him enough attention. He is also attached to me at the hip and always wants to sit in my lap and kneed the love of Jesus out of me with his pointy little nails.

He has a lot of personality, a lot of love, and he’s a whole lot of kitty. He made the 14 hour journey with me when I moved, snubbing me the whole way by refusing to look me in the eyes. I don’t know what I’d do without the friendship we have.

Nicknames: Beetus, Cheety, Cheetus, any variation thereof

Favorite toy: Anything on a stick. Even just the stick.

Favorite food: Kibbles

Favorite activity: Sleeping, yowling, poking

Hates: Strangers, being cold, being locked out of a room

Isn’t he cute though?


P.S. These next few blogs are going to be short and fluffy. NaNo starts tomorrow and I’m still trying to get April’s blogs written and posted before it starts. I am TIRED you guys.

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