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Meet My Kitties: Tetra

Man, I don’t even know what to say about Tetra. He has more personality in his tail than most people. He is a soft, lovable ball fur. I think he has more goals in life than I do. He has more hobbies and interests than a 10 year old boy. Tetra is like no cat I have ever met in my life. He is so distinctly Tetra.

IMG_20170306_134246First of all, Tetra rarely every meows. He makes 800 different noises in the back of his throat, which we call “throaty noises.” He makes short, demanding throaty noises when he wants your attention. He makes long, higher pitched throaty noises when he’s running across the kitchen floor. He makes light, happy throaty noises when he’s attacking a string. He’s basically developed his own language with which to communicate.

I mentioned string. Tetra absolutely fucking loves strings. He will go into the depths of a closet and find a string. Once, he pulled a string off of a bag of pistachios, and that was his string. All strings are Tetra’s strings. Even if it’s a draw string on your jacket, it’s still his. He’s also recently picked up an affinity for twigs. All twigs are Tetra’s twigs.

IMG_20170208_234627He also snores like a truck driver. He will fall asleep in the same place for like 6 hours, snoring happily loud enough for someone in the other room to hear them. Okay that’s an exaggeration, but if you’re sitting on the couch with him you’ll hear his snores over the TV.

Tetra has hilarious reactions to smells. If he likes the way something smells, he will wriggle his nose and try to grab it. But if he doesn’t like it, he makes this comically squinty, angry face and runs away. We have entertained the idea of starting a YouTube channel of Tetra’s reactions to various smells.

He’s also our only cat that likes people food. When we sit down on the couch to eat, Tetra sits on the back of the couch and paws for food. Sometimes he gets a lick of sauce.

He also takes huge, human sized shits. They smell absolutely awful.

Nicknames: Tetwa, Tetawa

Favorite toy: All the strings

Favorite food: Anything that doesn’t smell offensive

Favorite activity: Laying next to the string in case it moves

Hates: The smell of clementine oranges



P.S. This is it. This is the last blog I write before NaNo. It’s also the last blog in April, so I’ll be back next week with an update on my NaNo progress! I’m in it to win it!!

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