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Why I Support My Library

For any book lover, the library is an absolutely magical place. Rows and rows of books are waiting to be discovered, all yours to borrow for free. The smell of the library is beyond description, and reaches across the boundaries of location, time, and branch. Not only does your local library offer the books you’ve been longing to read, but it also provides the community with events, groups, and amenities like internet access and copy machines because who the fuck has a copier in their house.

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What’s in My To Read Pile?

To read piles are a fluid, ever changing thing. New, exciting books come out, pushing the books you’ve been meaning to read for ages farther and farther down the list. I’ve made a point this March to get a good mix of books I’ve had forever and need to read, books I’ve borrowed from the library, fiction and nonfiction, different types of writers (different nationalities, women, etc), and world literature rather than sticking with the my go-to American/UK types.

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