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Meet My Kitties: Triscuit

I know, I did not include Triscuit in my “Meet My Kitties Week.” Put your pitchforks down and let me explain…

IMG_20170418_161029First, I’ll set the stage. We’d been at my sister-in-law’s house Eastering it up on Good Friday. It was around 11 or so when we got home, and I had about a thousand kinds of dirty containers and bowls to grab out of my car. My husband and I were having some sort of conversation when he stopped me.

“Do you hear someone meowing?”

We stood still, our ears searching for the noise through the sounds of the street, chirping bugs, and wind blowing through trees. Then we heard it again, and when I looked toward the source there was a sweet little kitty making her way over to us. She was definitely not a stray. She came right up to us with no fear, letting us pet her, rubbing on us, rolling over in a request for belly rubs. She looked well fed even though she was very small. Small enough to be a kitten.

Having 3 cats, our first thought was what the fuck do we do with this? We petted her, debating our next actions. Should we let her go back home? She was definitely someone’s kitty, maybe she just got out and would walk home. Should we keep her in the garage and see if we can find her owner tomorrow?

IMG_20170424_213945At first, we decided to let her go back home. Then when we looked out the window and saw her still waiting outside for us to pet her again, we brought her into the garage and set her up with some food, water, and a spare little box, because every cat owner has a spare litter box, right?

The next day we took her to a local rescue to get her chipped, hoping we would find a owner frantic to find their lost kitty. Her chip was registered to a rescue in a neighboring state, so I called them.

Here’s where it gets weird. The rescue spent a few hours looking through their records, because she was adopted in 2014. They then called the owner, who said he’d given her to someone else, which is against the adoption agreement he signed. Then, he became kind of weird about it. The owner of the rescue told him she was safe with someone at the rescue and not to worry about it, which is a nice way of saying hey you fucked up, you’re not getting her back.

So the rescue offered to take her an adopt her again, but at this point we decided she was pretty awesome and that we wanted her to hang around, so now she’s our 4th cat. That’s a lot of cats.

Anyway, we eventually named her Triscuit. She’s a really sweet kitty, and she loves sitting in warm laps, playing with toys on sticks, and generally loafing (like, literally being a loaf) around the house. We are SO glad she chose our house because we were able to help her.

Isn’t she cute?


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