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Battle of the Books: Physical vs. Digital

eBooks got pretty big a few years ago, and now everyone is cashing in their 2 cents about whether the physical or digital book is better. Some swear by the ease and speed of eBooks, while some can’t lose the spark of nostalgia and joy they get from holding a story in their hand. Clearly you haven’t read enough blogs just like this one, so here’s my take on the whole thing.

First, let me give you a little history on me. If you’ve read my library blog, you probably already know this. My passion for reading started inside a library. My grandma would take me to the library literally every day after school, and that’s where I found my passion for the stories inside. I love everything about the library, and that includes the smell and feel of those old, well loved books.

I am also a hopeless book hoarder. I have more books than I can ever read again or in the future. In fact, I’m in the process of downsizing my collection via the KonMari method (which I might do a blog on in the future). I’m usually a hopeless clutterphobe, but for some reason books get a pass.

So, where do I stand? I think there’s a time and place for everything. I love physical books because they are so closely tied to my childhood. Even though I’m trying to own less of them, I can still easily go to the library and pick up a copy of something I’ve been itching to read. With a library book, I enjoy the story and imagine all the readers that came before me. Who else loved this book? Did they spill a little coffee on it? Did they take notes with post its like I do? These little things bring me a lot of joy.

On the other hand, eBooks are really fantastic in their own right. First of all, they are a thousand times easier to read in bed. I usually have way more control of a reading device than I do the pages of a book, especially if I’m in the first or last 10% of a mass market paperback or if I’m reading a gigantic hard cover. I hate reading those in bed so I don’t, but with an eBook I can read before I fall asleep. eReaders are also backlit (usually) so you can take managing a book light out of the equation as well. They also allow me to be a hopeless book hoarder without creating any storage issues in my house.

So really, it just depends on how I feel. eBooks are easy to buy, but sometimes I just want an excuse to walk into the library or a book store. I can do with either of them and still be completely happy. I’d say I still read more books that eBooks but that could change in the future now that I’m trying to declutter.

What do you guys think? Do you have a preference?

We had what is hopefully our last frost yesterday and Cheeto was very cold



4 thoughts on “Battle of the Books: Physical vs. Digital

  1. I’m exactly with you on every aspect you mentioned in the post. I spent my childhood reading, getting mounds of books from the library as well. I love the physical touch of a book in my hands and can easily hoard books, but otherwise, I am totally a minimalist. I’ve only started reading ebooks since being a nomad because it’s easier while traveling. It allows me to read multiple books without having to pack and carry them around. That would be a lot, and we already don’t have a lot of luggage space to begin with. (That’s the life of living out of a suitcase.) So I understand the digital world, but if I ever have a home base again, I’ll probably be back to paperbacks again.


      1. Right now my husband and I are in Toronto, getting to know the city until the end of June. Before this we were in Barcelona for 3 months.


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