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The Unpopular Opinions Book Tag

I saw that someone did this tag and I thought “Hey, I want to do that.” So I’m doing it, regardless of whether I’m tagged or not.

A Popular Book or Series That You Don’t Like 

Fightclub. Or really anything by Chuck Palahniuk. That man cannot write his way out of a wet paper bag. I’ve honestly never read an artist’s work that is so trite and forced. I’m surprised I still have eyes after rolling them back into my head the entire time I was reading that book.

A Popular Book or Book Series That Everyone Else Seems to Hate But You Love

The Lord of the Rings. Okay wait, hear me out. A lot of people LOVE the movies. But when you ask if they’ve read it, they either won’t pick it up because it’s way too long or they’ve tried it and it was slow or boring. I don’t know what they’re talking about though. I didn’t think it was slow or boring at all. I didn’t think it was over descriptive. That series was the cornerstone of modern fantasy WAY before the movies came out, and there’s a good reason for that.

An OTP That You Don’t Like

I’ve been staring at OTP for a while trying to figure out what the fuck that means and I honestly haven’t got a clue. Why don’t you guys tell me your answer to this one.

A Popular Genre That You Hardly Reach For 

YA. I know, it’s ironic because I’m pretty sure this tag was meant to be answered with YA in mind. I don’t dislike YA. I think great things come out of the genre all the time. I just don’t read it a lot or really pay attention to the world of YA until something really big starts picking up steam.

A Popular/Beloved Character That You Do Not Like 

Damn. I really don’t know. I think I go along with popular opinion a lot with this one because I seem to like everyone. I can tell you that Alex from the TV version of the Expanse is vile and I hate everything that comes out of his mouth. Does that count?

A Popular Author that You Can’t Seem to Get Into

I know it’s only been like 15 minutes, but just in case you’ve forgotten, I still hate Chuck Palahniuk.

A Popular Book Trope You’re Tired of Seeing

This is one of my biggest issues with YA. When you’re an actual young adult, there’s a lot of shit happening in your life. Tons of YA books tackle these issues (losing a loved one, being gay, bullying, etc.) but whatever the fuck reason their answer is ALWAYS find another teenager you love so so so much and like… everything will be okay. No. Shut up. Just stop it. I had some shit going on in my life and you know what didn’t make it better? Falling in “love” with another teenager. They make it seem like your high school boyfriend is going to love you forever and that everything is going to be right as rain. God damn is that insulting. Stop letting authors get away with that shit!

A Popular Series That You Have No Interest in Reading

Man, I could probably give you about a thousand of these. I’ve heard good things about the Outlander series or whatever by Diana Gabaldon but every time I pick up the first book and read the synopsis I’m like man… that just doesn’t sound interesting enough for like an 8 book series, plus the short works, and then the related works. I’m good.

The Saying Goes “The Book is Always Better than the Movie,” But What Movie or TV Show Adaptation Do You Prefer More Than The Book?

Okay, so far I’ve been pretty agreeable but now I might offend someone. HBO’s Game of Thrones is a thousand times better than the book series. George R.R. Martin is not a good writer, you guys. And that series badly needs a great editor because someone needs to trim all the fat out of that book. And you know why that’s the case? I don’t think Martin actually likes writing. I think he likes telling stories. If he liked writing, don’t you think he’d be done with the series? No, he wants to work on the shows instead. Because he doesn’t like writing. Douglas Adams was the same way.

Okay, that’s all I’ve got. Let me know what you guys think! Here’s a cat:

This was my yoga mat, now it belongs to Tetra. 

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