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A Life Update

I’m going to make a confession. I am having a really long week and, although I have some blog ideas in the wings, I just can’t commit to sitting down this morning and writing one of them. I do want to get up a blog as I usually do on Friday, so I thought maybe a life update was in order.

New Diet

Being vegan is still doing me a world of good. June 1st will be my 5 month vegan anniversary. I’ve been making a ton of delicious food and discovering some great vegan options around us. Also, weight is suddenly falling off of me. When I first went vegan my weight stayed about the same, maybe even going up a bit, but now I’m slimming down quite a bit. I just discovered this spreadable vegan cashew cheese though, and I’ve been eating the love of christ out of it with pita chips. I got a little tub on Wednesday and it’s already gone. It’s called Treeline cheese, highly recommended.

New Kitty

You may remember meeting our new kitty, Triscuit, a few weeks ago. She’s getting along with everyone just fine and she’s really opening up now that’s she’s used to us and the house and stuff. She’s finding her favorite spots, favorite toys, etc. I usually have her on my lap during the day but she’s off causing trouble somewhere else at the moment.


Our garden is really coming together. We’ve gotten a few more plants, gotten a lot of them in the ground, the sun is finally shining and everything is growing quickly. I’ve already “harvested” and eaten a few of our vegetables. We had some of our kale on pizzas a few weeks ago and yesterday we had tofu sandwiches with some of our lettuce on top. I can’t wait to harvest our zucchinis and tomatoes and stuff! If you want to read more about our garden, visit my other blog, Homegrown Vegan!


Since I posted my last to read list, a lot of things have happened. I DNF’d two books, finished one or two others, and right now I’m working my way through The Hero With a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell. I am really excited to finish and review that one because it. Is. Bomb. I am enjoying it so much.

That’s really all I’ve got going on. Have a good weekend, friends!

Triscuit in the bay window, a popular destination for all our fat cats

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