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The Book That Never Ends

Hi friends. Coming at you with a writing update. Yesterday I finished a chapter I’ve been working on for a week. Yes, I know. It’s a long time to be working on a chapter. I already feel bad about it.

So, after I completely reworked the structure of my book, I went into scriviner and made manuscript folders for each of the chapters I needed to add and where. My plan was to have a plot point happen in each of those chapters, which were kind of sandwiched between other things I’d already written.

So I’ve been working on the first one, and I get to the end of “the chapter” and I think to myself, This isn’t done. This plot point can’t be confined to one chapter. I need there to be a scene change, a new chapter. Damn. 

So now, I’m done with the chapter, but the plot point is going to go on for a least another short chapter. That’s fine, whatever, but does that mean this is going to keep happening? My book is already 55k words after the major fat cut and I’m about halfway through. Is there room for 125k literary fiction in the world? How long is too long? When will I lose my reader?

I guess these are questions for future me. For drafting stage me. If I ever get there. This book has been a 3 month labor of love already.


Tetra snuggles on his own terms. I just get lucky sometimes.


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