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Mid Week Blues

Hello friends. I am running on E this week. Let me tell you why…

Monday was a pretty normal day, but yesterday I had to wake up really early and drive 40 minutes to my doctor. We’re trying to find out if my eye issue has an underlying cause, so they did a bunch of blood work. I’ve gotten most of it back, I think, and it all looks like I’m falling in the normal range, so I’m not sure if we will ever know what caused it.

I was really exhausted yesterday, probably from having 6 vials of blood taken, so I didn’t really get anything done. I worked, of course, but after I got off we ate dinner and I just sat on the couch and did nothing.

So  not a lot of writing got done yesterday, but I did get a little done this morning before I started working on this blog. Hoping to get more done today.

I’ve been trying a new “method,” I guess. At the end of each writing day, I open my little book notes notebook (wow) and ask myself, “What do I need to work on tomorrow? What are my goals?” Then I write them down and strive to get that done the next day. As Anne Lamott says, little assignments. One inch picture frames. That’s how I’m taking this book for now.


Have you ever slept so hard your face changes shape?


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