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When Tech Fails Us

Hi friends. Wednesday night, my phone died.

Apparently there’s a fault with the phone I have, so luckily they are sending me a replacement for free. I knew it was bound to happen, so I backed up my phone just in case. My phone died just days later. Whew!

That brings me to another point. As writers, there are a lot of great bits and bobs we can use to make our lives easier. For example, I use Scrivener for ALL of my writing projects, not just my books. But what if Scrivener failed? Or the hard drive you had your work on?

This thought occurred to me after I started my book. So, I got a large flash drive. Every day, when I finish writing, I back up to my hard drive and to my flash drive. Then, because the backup file Scrivener creates is a kind of file only the program can read, I compile the whole thing and save it again as a word document.

I guess the point I’m trying to make is if you’re a writer, don’t leave all your hard work in the hands of one piece of tech. It can and will fail, and then what? Your 75,000 word work will be gone. Poof. All that hard work. So whatever steps you want to take, make SURE your work is safe!

The good news is that I backed up all my cat pictures.




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