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Weekend Wins and Woes

Hi friends. I had quite a weekend let me tell you what.

First of all, we did yoga with goats on Saturday which is every bit amazing as it sounds. We went to a goat dairy farm that makes goat milk soap. The whole thing was kind of a grey area for me because I don’t believe in using animal products, nor do I use them, so I didn’t know how comfortable I’d be there. The good news is that the goats are treated very well. They all have names and personalities and the owners of the farm love them very much, so that eased my mind a bit.

I would love to show you pictures, but alas my face is in all of them and some of you might be weirdos, so you’ll get a cat instead.

I floated back home on cloud 9 after having such a great time hanging out with goats only to have the garden totally burst my bubble. Our zucchini plants are being eaten alive by vine borers, and we lost 2 of them this weekend. I’m pretty sure the rest are going to follow, so I’ve been really bummed about that.

I got some writing done over the weekend. I tried to do some work on my book yesterday but another idea popped in my head so I started writing that down. It’s kind of a personal essay and I think it will be a good submission for the local literary magazine so I’m going to be working on polishing that up over the next few weeks and sending it in.

This morning I got a little bit more book writing done. I’m almost finished with my current small assignment, then I’ll be moving on to the next one. I don’t know which is more time consuming, writing new sections of text or going through old chapters and updating them. I’m finding it so hard to squeeze new elements into what I’ve already written!


Triscuit and Tetra like hanging out on their very hairy pillow. 


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