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The Writing Continues

It’s been another rough couple of days. My extremely painful and gross medical condition is improving, but I had to go back and get it messed with yesterday and it HURT. That was some of the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my life.

All that to say, the last few days have been extremely unproductive. Sitting down for long periods of time is very problematic for me, so I haven’t been sitting at my computer to write, just to work. I have to take tons of stand up or lay down breaks. I also have been keeping some pain meds in me during the evenings because that’s when it hurts the worst, so instead of writing or reading I’ve been binging Project Runway and falling in and out of sleep.

It is really not like me to laze around after work. I usually do some house work or read or write at my little bay window desk, but I just couldn’t this week. It’s the worst.

But today I’m feeling a lot better and I am 100% ready to write. I think I’ll either work on my novel a bit more or type up the beginnings of a personal essay I started the other day. I’m thinking I can polish that one enough for sending to a few literary magazines.

I was also thinking the other day. My blog has changed a lot over the last few months. It used to be strictly about reading, writing, and book related posts. Now I just come here to let it all out, so to speak. I don’t know which kind of post is better, but I feel like I should mix it up a bit. So maybe I’ll have a review coming soon.

I was looking at the Man Booker Prize long list last night and saw a few very interesting things, so I’m thinking I might do a post on that. Let’s just say that one of my favorite authors, who exclusively wrote short story collections, is nominated for his first novel. This is very exciting. No, I haven’t read it yet. Now I need to.


Nurse Triscuit keeps me company during the evening Project Runway binging. 


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