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August and September Bi-Monthly Goals

Hello everyone! It’s a semi-cold and rainy day here in the Midwest, and I wish I was curled up with a book and some tea. Sadly, it’s a work day, so I’ll be chained to my desk instead. But before I start another long work day, I’m going to take some time to lay down my goals for the next two months.

My last round of bi-monthly goals went okay. I think I need to focus on being more realistic about my writing process and my time. I’m hoping I’ll be more on the mark this time around.

  1. Write, write, write. That’s it. Just write. I’ve tried a few times to give myself milestones as goals, but I found that to be quite unrealistic for me. It doesn’t give me a lot of room for the inevitable restructuring, rewriting, life crisis moments that keep popping up. So instead of telling myself I’m going to finish my book in the next two months, which actually could happen, I’m going to ask myself to work on it as much as I can and see where it gets me.
  2. I want to read 4 books again. I’m not doing so hot with this one at the moment because I’m trying to get through a book I’m really luke warm on and I think I’m just going to bail out and move onto something else. I met this goal pretty easily last time but I can really start to slip if I don’t have any motivation, so I’m challenging myself again.
  3. I want to volunteer every Saturday. There’s an animal sanctuary close to our house and I’ve been going regularly. I love the work and I love the people there so I want to make a point of going as much as I can because it makes me happy.
  4. Although I don’t have any control over this one, my goal is to stop having all these stupid health issues! I am so sick of going to the doctor. I am so sick of having stupid problems to deal with! No more!!!
  5. I need to work on my literary journal submission. I don’t know that I’ll finish it since I’m also working on a novel, but I do want to get it written so I can move onto the drafting phase and get it sent in.
  6. I am going to try to knit two hats again. I need to start going full force with holiday knitting or I’m going to absolutely hate myself and knitting and hats in the fall.

That’s it!


These kitties are just too precious


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