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What a weekend. I love having relaxing weekends, but sometime’s there’s just way too much to do!

We had a 5k on Saturday morning, then we came home and got our house ready for a party my husband was hosting. I went to a friends house and we had a mini vegan feast. I got home after midnight and holy cannolis was I tired.

Sunday was just as busy. I went to the store, then came home and baked a loaf and a dozen muffins of zucchini bread (to use up our last zucchini of the season, which was HUGE), and a loaf and a dozen muffins of banana bread (using some bananas that were getting a bit shady). We also pickled our entire Thai chili harvest. I think we’re getting more over the next few weeks but we picked 30ish peppers and got them in a jar for later use. Then I made dinner, of course, which was just some run of the mill spaghetti with my usual homemade sauce. Whew! A day in the kitchen will wear you out.

Needless to say, I didn’t have a lot of time to myself this weekend. I didn’t get any reading, writing, or knitting done BUT I did get a lot of all three done last week. I’ve made a bit of slow progress on my book, and I almost have a Christmas hat done. I’m just plugging away at my goals, hoping to have better luck meeting them this time around.

Writing has been going pretty smoothly. I feel like I’m writing complete garbage, but that’s to be expected. I’ll probably be semi impressed when I go back to start drafting, but for now I have the self confidence of a writer, which means zero.

Here’s a kitty.


Tetra was really enjoying the carrot harvest


4 thoughts on “Whew

  1. Love that picture of your cat! And good to hear your writing is going smoothly! I’m getting writing done too and lots of reading as well. I’m making progress on my first draft, and I try my hardest to ignore how I’m not hitting all of the things needed for a good novel at the moment. But, that’s what editing and the plethora of x numbers of drafts afterward are for. 😉


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