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My first phone post

Hi friends. I’m sitting on the couch trying out this whole post from your phone business. I can’t delete the meta data from my pictures and post them without getting on my computer so I don’t know what I’m going to do about that but that’s a bridge we’ve yet to cross.

Oh okay, apparently I can’t do a read more separator either. What is happening with this app?

Anyway, I don’t remember when I posted last but I haven’t been all there for the last couple of days. We’ve had a lot of storms come in one after the other so I’ve been ready to slam my head into a wall. We had one today too. What is the deal?

The good news is that despite all of this, I have still been chipping away at my goals! I almost have one hat knit. Yea, the same one I’ve been working on for months, give me a break man.

I’ve been working on The Gunslinger by Stephen King, which I read in highschool. I’m remembering now why I didn’t continue. The first one is just okay. Does it get more interesting?

I’m also writing away. Not as fast as I want, but it’s still rolling along. Most of the time I’m like man I wish I could get this done already, but why am I in such a hurry? Do I want to move on to other projects?

Anyway, I’m off to write! Bye!


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