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A Sincere Apology


I have neglected you. Again.

I don’t even have an excuse. I wasn’t too busy. I wasn’t too sick. I was just unmotivated, and that’s not a good enough excuse.

Part of the issue is that the whole thing was getting to be a bit much. I was writing my book (still am!) and posting 5 times a week between this blog and Homegrown Vegan.

Part of it is that I was feeling like my blog doesn’t matter. But it does. There are like, 2 of you that would read my posts and comments. Today, I realized that I’d left you, and I’m sorry. I also let myself down because I NEED to be here. I need to be writing every day.

So, I’m back. Maybe for good. You know, I’ve done this a few times before and I always come back. Hopefully I can stick with it this time. I really like having you all around. I’ll be posting regularly again.

Also, I like showing you my cats.


Tetra is ashamed for both of us. He hopes you can forgive. 





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