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Ambitious Writing Goals

Hello friends, I want to share with you my writing goals for the next year.

They are a little ambitious. Okay, a lot ambitious. I’m a little nervous that I won’t be able to do all of this but I’m definitely going to work toward checking all these goals off. I know the only way I can get better as a writer is to stop complaining about writing and do it, so I’ve challenged myself to write a lot of different things, not just novels. So let’s take a look.

  1. I want to blog every week. I’ve really fallen off the wagon here. Until a few weeks ago I hadn’t posted in a solid year, which is unacceptable. I need to keep a blog and share my thoughts and progress. This is not just blogging, it’s writing. Personal thoughts are just as important as fiction. I’m starting this one a little later than June but I’m counting it from now until next June.
  2. I want to completely finish my first novel. It needs to be tied up in a pretty bow and finished. This one is really up in the air. I might need to spend more than a year working on it but I’m hoping I can have it done next summer. Right now I’m in first edits/beta reading (what up writing group?!?) and I’ll have at least two more drafts after that.
  3. Completing the press kit for my first novel. I think I can start getting this done while I’m putting the finishing touches on my first novel. Then I can move onto…
  4. Start researching agents. This doesn’t mean finding one or even submitting yet. I just want to start looking into which agents might be interested in my book. I can also do this any time in the year so I don’t really need to be quite finished yet.
  5. I plan to start working on my second novel during NaNoWriMo this year. November is going to be a really busy month for me between NaNo, editing my current novel for my writing group, holidays, and the other writing I want to do. I’m not knitting Christmas presents this year so I can focus on ME. Okay, I might make everyone something small.
  6. In addition to my novel, I want to work on writing a short story collection. I gave myself a goal of at least 25 stories but it might go down to 15. Yea, I’m going to change it to 15. Extra points for each story over 15.
  7. I also want to submit all those stories to writing contests and literary magazines. I’ve written and submitted 4 stories so far this year so I’ve already kicked off.
  8. I want to write 20 poems, which sounds easy enough but I’m not a poet. Really I don’t care about publishing my poetry, but I think it will help me with my prose.
  9. I want to write 5 nonfiction essays. I mean, obviously essays are nonfiction. I already have one planned about living with migraines and I think I’ll work on that one first. Essays are hard for me even though I wrote tons of them in college so that goal is going t be a hurtle.
  10. And finally, I want to work through 2 writing exercise books. Right now I’m working through Steering the Craft by Ursula Le Guin (my hero, if you didn’t already know) and it is so much fun. She says in the intro that the book is not for beginners, but I’m doing it anyway. Ursula, God rest her soul, loves a good rebel.

That’s it! That’s all of my goals. Let me know if you have any goals you’re working toward this month or year.

Cheeto’s goal is to impede on all attempts to fold warm towels:



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