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Writing, Work, and Dogs

Somehow I made it through the horrible chapter. My writing group just tore it apart so I think I can rebuild it. Whew.

Now that my existential crisis is over I can continue working toward my goals. Unfortunately work is stalemating those same goals. We got a huge order of content that’s due in only two weeks so I decided to take some pages for myself in order to put a little extra bread in my pockets. But that means my writing efforts are going toward those pages. That isn’t terrible, but it isn’t fiction writing and that’s what I’m trying to work on.

On another note, I’ve been volunteering at a local animal rescue the past few weeks. It’s the best kind of therapy I could ask for. The doggies there are so sweet and so loving and it fills my heart with joy. A joy that I find myself wanting more and more. So I’ve been scouring Pet Finder for a dog. Yea, I know I already have 4 cats. But I also want a dog so… I’m going to get one.

We are looking at a particular dog at a rescue that is literally right around the corner from us. They aren’t sure how cat friendly she is so they said they would work with her around their cats and let me know how it goes. I haven’t heard back in a few days and I’m ANXIOUSLY AWAITING their response to say the least. I’ve even been looking at cute dog toys on the internet. Now I understand a little bit more about baby fever. I have dog fever.

As for the cats, I am sure they will be fine with a new dog. Three of them have been around dogs before and they were okay. I don’t know about Triscuit but I think she’ll be fine too. Here’s hoping!

Cheeto has enough problems to worry about right now:


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