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The Big 3-0

I turned 30 this week. It’s weird, getting older. I feel like I was just 16. Then I was just 21. Now I’m just 30.

What is 30 supposed to feel like? I don’t feel 30. I definitely don’t feel like I’ve accomplished enough in my life to call myself a successful 30 year old. I thought I would have more to be proud of by now.

I’m proud of my degree, my marriage, my home and how much I’ve grown and learned since graduating high school, but what is really fulfilling me? I wish I had more to show for my years. Okay, what I’m actually trying to say here is that I’m disappointed that I don’t have a story published yet. I don’t have a completed book. I don’t really have the professional success I’m looking for.

Even my current job isn’t giving me what I want. I think it’s because it’s not my real passion, like writing. It’s fun and it pays the bills but where am I actually going in marketing? How can I turn writing into a pay check? I’m not sure, but I know it can be done.

So I think my goal for the next decade is to turn writing into a career. Even if that means teaching writing. Even if it means completely failing until the last minute of my 39th year. I want to go some where with this passion I have for writing.

What’s 30 in cat years?


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