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Depression: The Creative Killer

Its been a rough week. Or two. Or three. I’ve lost count.

Everything seems to be slightly askew in my life. I won’t go into details because I’m too private, but just know that most areas of my life are really frustrating me.

I strive to work on my writing goals every single day. I usually take off Sunday, which I need to stop doing since that’s very valuable time. Anyway, I’ve been pretty good about it but this week I’ve hit a huge road block. I’m just too down and out to write.

It feels like there’s a shield or wall in my mind cutting me off from the well of creativity that lives there. I try to think of what I want to work on today but I can’t. I try to start working on things I need to have ready before NaNo and I can’t.

Not knowing what to do, or what to write, I decided to start a short story about what I’m going through. It’s actually kind of a retelling of Alice in Wonderland. It’s real bad, to be honest, but I’m hoping it will chip away at that wall. Maybe it will be a good story one day. Only time will tell.

It’s rainy and cold out today. I don’t know if that’s the perfect or worst weather for my creativity. It’s certainly the best weather for reading, so that’s on my after work agenda.

Thanks, friends. I hope you are all happily creative this week.

Tetra is either always slumping or never slumping depending on your outlook.


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