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Bookshelf Tag

Hi friends! So, since my blog posts have been a little short and boring lately, and will be short and boring in November too, I thought I would do something fun. I stole a bookshelf tag from YouTube. I hope you like it! 

1. How many bookshelves do you have? I have two book cases and a few random shelves. One is a Billy bookcase from Ikea which holds a majority of my books. That one is in the dining room. On the mantle in the dining room, I have a few signed books, some coffee table type books, and my two crusty old Shakespeare volumes. I have a smaller bookcase in the living room, and my desk has two little cubby shelves that I use to hold a few books that I keep on hand for work purposes. I have copies of whatever book I’m talking about in my next podcast for reference, some grammar guides, and books that I love in terms of prose so I can look at how a certain writer does x, y, z, like dialogue or opening sentences or whatever. I also have some TBR books on the bottom shelf but I might need to relocate it because it’s full of books that aren’t actually on my TBR, lol. It’s more like overflow.

2. How many books you think you have? I’ve got 326 physical books, and 118 eBooks for a total of  444! What a satisfying number!!

3. How do you organize your books? When we moved into our house, I just sort of threw them onto the bookcases, hahaha. There’s no rhyme or reason. One of my shelves is Harry Potter and Tolkien books ONLY. I also have a shelf that’s slowly becoming a home for Wheel of Time and other fantasy series I love or plan on reading for the podcast.

4. What is the oldest book on your bookshelf? I have a copy of The Merchant of Venice and a copy Julius Cesar of from 1911. I got them at the thrift store for $5.

5. What is the newest book on your bookshelf? I just got my copy of Killing Comendatore by Haruki Murakami today. It came out October 9th. It doesn’t get newer than that!

MVIMG_20181018_145508 - Copy

6. What is the longest book on your bookshelf? Definitely Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace. It’s 1047ish pages, the pages themselves are quite big and the font size is tiny. I haven’t read it yet but I might have time like… when I’m retired. Hahaha.

MVIMG_20181018_150432 - Copy

7. What is the shortest book on your bookshelf? Oh Cats by Nola Buck. It’s probably like 25 words long and most of those words are “cat” or “cats,” haha.

MVIMG_20181018_150336 - Copy

8. What is the predominant genre on your bookshelf? I’d like to say it’s fantasy but more than likely it’s classics/19th-20th century fiction. There are a lot of books from my college courses still on my bookshelves and I still really enjoy reading those same authors and their peers. Fantasy is definitely second and scifi is third.

9. Have you done a bookshelf tour? I actually stole this tag from YouTube and since I’m not a YouTuber no one wants to look at just pictures of every book I have. You can do that in this blog haha.

10. Go on a random number generator and talk about the book that corresponds with that number.  I got #88. The 88th book on my big shelf is The Once and Future King by T.H. White. I got it at Half Price Books quite a while ago and it was once owned by someone named Karishma B., who wrote their name everywhere on it.

MVIMG_20181018_151117 - Copy

11. Do you have fan merch or any other decorations on your bookshelf? Yes, tons! I have a few pop figures, some dragon and wizard type things, Bernie Bott’s every flavored beans, etc. You can see everything on my book shelf pictures.

12. Show us your bookshelf! OKAY! 🙂

13. Tag someone. I only have one blogger friend that I care about, and that is Sam! I’d love to see your answers.


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