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National Novel Writing Month!

Hi friends. It’s November first.


Like last year, my blogs for the next four weeks are going to be NaNo check ins. I know it’s not the most exciting content in the world but I don’t have time to write blogs and a book. Sorry.

Let’s see how day one went, shall we?

Date: November 1st!

Word Count: 1,689

On target? YEP!


Challenges: I had writers block in the first 5 minutes of my writing session. I still have writers block. Somehow I BSed my way through it.

Victories: Despite writer’s block, I’ve met my word count for the first day!

I also started a bullet journal last week and I made a spread for NaNo. Sadly, there was some bleed through of red marker but whatever here it is:

IMG_20181101_112454 - Copy.jpg

Let’s fill it up together!

Thanks friends, see you next week!


IMG_20181020_232612 - Copy.jpg

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