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A New Year’s Writing Update

Hi friends. It’s the beginning of 2019, which means I have 6 months to complete my writing goals for the year. Let me tell you what… it’s going better than I thought. Let’s take a look…

  1. Blog weekly – This one is actually going well. I took a break in November because I was dealing with some really sad stuff. More on that another time. Anyway, I missed four blogs so I posted twice a week for a while and now I’m caught up. So we’re okay with goal number one.
  2. Finish first novel – I don’t know if this is going to happen. I’m slowly chipping away at it, but I’ll probably only get a second draft finished by summer. I’ve recently discovered that when it comes to the editing process, rewriting works best for me. So yes, it’s going to take longer, but it will also be something I can be proud to put my name on. So it gets done when it gets done.
  3. Research agents – I’ve been doing a lot of thinking the past few months and it looks like I’m going to be self publishing my first book. I have the marketing skills to do it and then I don’t have to deal with an agent. I went to a panel presented by an agent in October and the whole thing really turned me off. She had this “you need ME more than I need you” attitude that I absolutely hate. If it weren’t for writers you’d be broke so save it, lady. I know not all of them are like that but it really put a bad taste in my mouth for agents.
  4. Start second novel during NaNoWriMo – I did this! Unfortunately I only got like 10k words in before the sad and terrible thing happened, then I wrote absolutely nothing, but I did start it. I haven’t touched it since but it’s there!
  5. Complete collection of 15 short stories – I just finished #7 yesterday so I’m doing really good here!
  6. Submit at least 15 short stories to writing contests and magazines – I’ve submitted six stories so far but I’ll be sending the seventh in later today after I do some final tweaking.
  7. Write 20 poems – Eek. I haven’t written any. I don’t know how to write poems so this is a hard one. I know I need to get it together and start on this. 😦
  8. Write 5 essays and publish them to Medium – I’ve done one of these about marketing. I have another one about libraries I plan to have up next week I think. I have an idea of what I want to do for the other three. So this goal is ticking along just fine.
  9. Podcast once a month – Check! I’ve been having a blast podcasting. It’s a LOT of work, but it’s so much fun. I do notice that it’s taking a lot of time away from writing fiction but I’m still writing something. I write extremely detailed analysis of each book then kind of use that to talk through the book. Tons of fun. I’m so glad I made the leap into podcasting.
  10. Work through 1 exercise book – I’ve been chipping away at this one too. My writing group is working through Steering the Craft by Ursula Le Guin. It’s a great exercise book and we’ve been having fun doing it. Or I have, at least.

Okay so I’m in better shape than I thought. There’s one that I’m definitely not going to do, and that’s researching agents. I probably won’t have the final draft of my first novel done. Twenty poems is still up in the air, even though I really need some dirty diddities for the bard in my second book.

Let me know how your writing goals are going!

Here’s a cat.

IMG_20190109_201230 - Copy.jpg

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