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My Favorite Podcasts

Hello friends. I’m coming to you from a very snowy day in the Midwest. I’ve mentioned in passing how much I love podcasts, so I thought it would be neat to share some of my favorites. There are also a few that I want to listen to more in the New Year and I want to share those as well!

Welcome to Nightvale – This is a pretty classic podcast that you may be familiar with. It’s the story of a weird desert town told through episodes of a local radio show. The host, Cecil, is hilarious and deadpan. There’s a sentient glow cloud on the school board, a dog park no one is allowed to go to, and the librarians are horrible beasts that eat patrons. If you want something strange and hilarious, this is a great podcast for you. I am not even close to being caught up but I plan to catch up this year!

The Film Reroll – The concept of this podcast is so unique. It features a group of role players who play through popular movies as if they are role playing games. Because a roll of the dice dictates what the players can do and where the plot goes, every episode is a completely unique experience. They did a few episodes role playing through O Brother Where Art Thou and it was without a doubt the funniest thing I’ve ever heard.

Writing Excuses – In this podcast, Brandson Sanderson and a group of other writers (who rotate from time to time) discuss the nuiances of writing – everything from how to get the most out of your writing group to what writers get wrong about homosexuality/race/religion/etc. Each episode focuses on a topic, complete with homework to help you practice the concepts discussed. They also have a featured book for every episode, and it’s really interesting to see what writers like to read. If you’re an aspiring writer, listening to this podcast is absolutely mandatory!

Book Fight – I think Book Fight is probably my favorite podcast. Hosts Mike Ingram and Tom McAllister are Iowa Writer’s Workshop grads and creative writing professors. Their podcast discusses books they love, hate, love to hate, and hate to love. My favorite part of this podcast is their unique seasonal themes. This fall they focused on writers’ last works before their deaths in The Fall of Finales. Last Spring they discussed writers’ first published works during the Spring of Success. Their commentary is blunt and absolutely hilarious. Even if you haven’t read anything they’re talking about, I still recommend this one.

The Librarian is In – This is a podcast about books hosted by librarians. And yes, it’s “just another podcast about books,” but the hosts and their guests make this a great addition to my podcast addiction.

Special Mentions: The Story Studio (writing), SFF Yea! (scifi/fantasy books, movies, etc.), The Jenna and Julien Podcast (humor), So Many Damn Books (obviously books), and Annotated (more books). 

I listen to a lot of great podcasts, but there are TONS out there that I want to listen to! I hope to get a chance to listen to more of these this year.

The Bright Sessions – This is a fictional podcast following a psychiatrist and the patients under his care. All of his patients have a unique supernatural ability. I haven’t actually listened to any of these yet but I plan to listen to the whole show soon.

Dr. Death – This is a true crime series based on Christopher Duntsch, the neurosurgeon that purposely crippled and maimed the patients under his care. I have a morbid fascination with the whole situation and I’m really interested to start on this podcast soon.

The Hidden Brain – NPR is well known for their shows and podcasts. This American Life, Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me! and many of their other podcasts/shows are among the most popular on any platform. But you don’t hear a lot about this one and I think it might be their most interesting show. This podcast uses science and story telling to reveal the unconscious patterns that drive human behavior, like why we always fall for surprising endings, how biology shapes our political identities, and why we love to focus on What If? questions. I think psychology is neat and I know I’m going to love this podcast!

Let me know what your favorites are!

Here’s a cat. Tetra is under the weather right now and is being kind of a baby about it.

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