What’s in My To Read Pile?

To read piles are a fluid, ever changing thing. New, exciting books come out, pushing the books you’ve been meaning to read for ages farther and farther down the list. I’ve made a point this March to get a good mix of books I’ve had forever and need to read, books I’ve borrowed from the library, fiction and nonfiction, different types of writers (different nationalities, women, etc), and world literature rather than sticking with the my go-to American/UK types.

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The Name of the Wind

Let’s have a little fireside chat about this book before I even get into the review. When you bring this book up around any member of the “literary community,” they really just about lose their shit. After hearing more than a dozen fellow book fiends swear up and down that this book simply could not be passed by, I figured maybe I could, I don’t know, check it out one of these days.

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